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Some words about the story of d’Wyn-Mugge

It all started with the enthusiasm of some musicians who regularly performed at the annual festivity of the wine cellar Cleebourg.

In 1995 Charles Thomann, clarinetist and passionate composer, took over the lead of the brass ensemble
d’Wyn-Mugge. Today this orchestra consists of 13 musicians and a singing duo.

Its name “flies of wine” is a humoristic hint to its geographic roots, which is the northern Alsace also named l’Outre Forêt. This is a viticulture region and it is here where the group had its first performances at the occasion of local wine festivities.

Although deeply rooted in the Alsace, the repertoire of
d’Wyn-Mugge is exceeding its national borders especially with its inspiration by the music from Bohemia and Moravia.

The group has all kinds of performances which go from village festivities up to international folklore festivals. They enjoy the success they have amongst other reasons thanks to their audience which has been faithful throughout the years.

Also the annual concert taking place at the Relais Culturel of Wissembourg has become a constant where
d’Wyn-Mugge receive up to 900 auditors.

Thanks to compositions and arrangements of their conductor, the orchestra has been able to form their own musical style. Its pieces of music are played in local radio stations and
d’Wyn-Mugge have already been invited to regional television shows.

But above all is the story of
d’Wyn-Mugge a story of friendship between the musicians, of pleasure of playing expressive and sentimental interpretations and especially the wish of sharing all this.

Therefore in 1998 this group of friends decided to make their first recording. 4 more albums followed, among which was the one of 2004 which was made in honor of their late musicians and the one of their 10 anniversary in 2006 which is dedicated to their fans.

In 1997 their encounter with the folk dance group Berstett marked the beginning of a cooperation lasting until today, which lead
d’Wyn-Mugge to performances in many French regions as well as abroad like Germany, Austria, Hungary, Madeira, Portugal, Canada, Slovakia and Switzerland

Let the musical adventure continue!

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